The Sun Avenue Buildings’ Maquette

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The Sun Avenue Buildings' Maquette.
The Sun Avenue Buildings’ Maquette.

Details about the project, please click here.

Details about the design of the Sun Avenue, please click here.

Awesome 3D perspective movie about the project, please click here.

The Sun Avenue – Novaland located on Mai Chi Tho street with the total area of over 4.7 hectares includes 8 towers (28-30 floors each). This project is Novaland’s 2nd largest project after Sunrise City.

The Sun Avenue is one of the hottest projects in District 2 with a beautiful location and unique design. Here are some pictures of the maquette.

Space between 2 tower is very spacious and full of wind.
There will be swimming pools, cafes, gyms, BBQ… on top of the podiums.
The total surface of the swimming pools is more than 1.300 sm.
The Sun Avenue and Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.
The Sun Avenue and Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.
The front of the Sun Avenue.
The front of the Sun Avenue.
Swimming pools in the project would be infinitive swimming pools.
There are also other open space on Level 2 and Level 5 thanks to the special design.
Tower No.1 and Tower No.2.
There are total of 8 towers in the project.
The back side of the project and internal streets.
The back side owns the view of Diamond Island.
The will be pedestrian bridges linking the towers.
Tower No.3 and tower No.4.

For further information please contact Novaland’s sales department:

No. 23 Truong Son Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

Hotline: 0937891909.

Thanks and best regards.