Thu Thiem Peninsula – District 2 – Genaral land planning

With the advantages of many vacant lands and adjacent to the downtown (District 1), District 2‘s People’s Committee has approved the planning of transforming District 2 into the new and the most beautiful urban area of Vietnam or even Southeast Asia. If you have the opportunity to own property here, you should take it.

District 2’s adjustment master plan of lands and constructions has been approved by HCMC’s People’s Committee on Juy 7th, 2013. Accordingly, the district has an area of ​​5017.96 hectares, in the Eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City. You can see District 2’s boundary in the following image:

District 2's boundary.
District 2’s boundary.

Thu Thiem Peninsula’s lands and constructions master plan

Thu Thiem Peninsula's master plan.
Thu Thiem Peninsula’s lands and constructions master plan.

It is easy to be seen that the new Thu Thiem peninsula has 5 main routes: Mai Chi Tho street, along-Saigon-River Street, lakeside street, arcs boulevard and delta-overhead street (which are the pink, purple, green, red and blue lines, consecutively). There will be a total of 4 bridges connecting District 2 to Thu Duc Dist, Binh Thanh Dist, District 4 and District 7 and 1 pedestrian bridge from the Central Square through District 1. Every street leads to District 2.

Some approved projects

Sala Residental Area

Sala is the only villas-included project located in Thu Thiem Peninsula. The project has a total area of 128 hectares spreading over functional zones number 3, 5, 6 and 7. The project includes luxury villas, shop-houses, commercial centers, international schools, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and so on. Currently, the construction phase 1 (37 hectares) has been basicly completed.

Sala Residental Area.
Sala Residental Area.
Sala is the biggest project in this area.
There will be a lot of luxury villas in this project.
A Sala’s perspective view.

21st Century Residental Area

21st Century Residental Area is adjacent to Sala Residental Area.
21st Century Residental Area is adjacent to Sala Residental Area.


Tien Phuoc – Keppel Land (Singapore) Venture will implement this project with design inspired by Vietnamese Ao Dai (long dress). And this building will be the highest building in Vietnam.

Observation Tower (Tien Phuoc – Keppel Land Venture).

World-class Opera House

Location of some outstanding projects in Thu Thiem Peninsula.
Location of some outstanding projects in Thu Thiem Peninsula.
World-class Opera House.

Center Square and Riverside Park

Center Square - the biggest square in Vietnam.
Center Square – the biggest square in Vietnam.
There will be a pedestrian bridge connecting District 2 and District 1 from the Center Square.
A perspective view from a building of Thu Thiem Financial Center.
The Square from above.
Center Square and Riverside Park.
The square.
Riverside park.
Again, riverside park.
Full of green.

Thu Thiem Financial Center Area

A perspective of Thu Thiem Financial Center.
It is just beautiful and modern.
Great future ahead of us.

World-class Museum

There will be a world-class museum.
The design of this museum is stemmed from traditional houses of people in highland area of Vietnam – Nha Rong.

Las Vegas Sand Complex Zone

Las Vegas Sand Complex Zone.
A luxury zone.

World-class convention center

This place will hold most of the international and big events of Vietnam.

Metro line

There will be a metro line going through the peninsula.

International Financial School

International Financial School in Thu Thiem Peninsula.

Hand-craft village

There will be a village for hand-craft profession.

A great future is waving us.

Thank you.

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