Sunrise CityView Apartment Buildings

1. INVESTOR: Novaland

Investor of the project is Novaland Corporation, with the success of Sunrise City project, Tropic Garden, The Prince Residence, and so on, Novaland proved to customers that they can keep their words. 

Some other projects implemented by Novaland: Lucky Palace, Orchard Garden, Garden Gate, Kingston, Rivergate, The Tresor, etc.

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2. SUNRISE CityView’s Location

Project Sunrise CityView – Novaland is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, just below Kenh Te Bridge.

Sunrise City View's Location on Google Map.
Sunrise CityView’s Location on Google Map.

The advantages of the area

Less than 300m from Sunrise City Apartment Buildings, Sunrise CityView owns a favoured location of District 7.

Not too far from Phu My Hung city center.

Moving easily to downtown within 5 minutes through Kenh Te Bridge and Ong Lanh Bridge.

Moving to South of Saigon and the western provinces easily through Nguyen Huu Tho street.

Sunrise Cityview in the big picture.
Sunrise Cityview in the big picture.


In a radius of 5km, residents at Sunrise CityView apartments can easily find all the necessary facilities such as schools (RMIT, Vista School, Southern Saigon International School, ect), hospitals (France – Vietnam International Hospital, Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital), supermarkets (Lotte Mart, Phu My Hung Cresent Mall), parks, restaurants and so on.

Lotte Mart.
Vista School.

3. Sunrise CITYVIEW Apartment Buildings’ Scale

The total area of the land: 15.152 sqm.

Number of floors: 37.

No. of Basements: 3.

Blocks: 2 (Block A: apartments, Block B: apartments and officetels).

Number of apartments: 703.

Number of apartments per floors: 14 -15 units.

Facilities: overflow swimming pool, gyms, community rooms, cafes, supermarkets, ect.

House delivery: May 2018 (rough-house delivery).

Sunrise Cityview's layouts.
Sunrise Cityview’s layouts.

4. SUNRISE CITYVIEW – Novaland – Perspectives

Sunrise Cityview Apartment Buildings - Novaland.
Sunrise Cityview Apartment Buildings – Novaland.


Sunrise CityView converges all the convenient facilities of a high-class apartment building project: swimming pools, cafes, gyms, spa, community  rooms, nursery, commercial center, etc.

Everything you need is inside one builiding.


Currently, Sunrise City View is offering buyers apartments from 22nd floor to 37th floor (Block B) with the floor plan as below:

Sunrise City View's Floor Plan.
Sunrise City View’s Floor Plan.

More information about officetel model, please click here.

7. PRICE and Promotion

Apartments with 2 bedrooms: price from VND2.2 billion.

Apartments with 3 bedrooms: price from VND3.1 billion.

For detailed information about the price and promotion, please contact this hotline: 0937891909.


Projects currently under construction on the foundation piles.

All Novaland’s construction progress updates, please click here.

Thank you very much for spending time reading this article. I hope I gave you useful info. To find more information about the project, feel free to contact me over mobile phone:

Uong Quoc Ai (AJ Uong) (Mr.)


Novaland’s Sales Executive.

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