Orchard Parkview Apartment Building – Novaland

Orchard Parkview Apartment Buildings - Novaland.
Orchard Parkview Apartment Buildings – Novaland.

1. Project Developer – Novaland

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2. Orchard Parkview – Novaland – Project Location

Orchard Parkview is located at 130-132 Hong Ha St, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Orchard Parkview's location.
Orchard Parkview’s location.
Orchard Parkview and 2 other Novaland's Projects: Orchard Garden and Golden Mansion.
Orchard Parkview and 2 other Novaland’s Projects: Orchard Garden and Golden Mansion.

If you have a chance to go through Hong Ha Street in the morning, driving down the small, quiet and shady road, looking at some small breakfast stops and coffee shops besides the road, stopping at one of sidewalk, sipping up your fragrant coffee and enjoying the fresh air, I guarantee you will love the unique atmosphere of Saigon in here.

Orchard Parkview, Orchard Garden with Golden Mansion form a beautiful and modern apartment complex besides the environment. At Parkview Orchard, you would feel like you are in a house in a suburban area because of its peaceful space. Besides, you will find this place is perfect for you because of the convenient transportration. Trust me, you will love this place.

3. Orchard Parkview – Project Scale

Land area: 9196,4 sqm.

Building density: 45%.

Investment Type: Apartments, officetels, retails.

Number of apartments: 399.

Number of apartments officetel: 123.

Number of floors: 24.

Total Basements: 2.

Facilities: cinema, swimming pool, gym, cafe, community living room, BBQ, kindergartens and so on.

Delivery time: Aug, 2018 (raw-apartment delivery).


There will be high-standard facilities in the project.

Orchard Parkview’s swimming pool covers nearly 400 sqm, on the 5th floor (top floor) of the commercial tower which are connected to the apartment towers via pedestrian bridges. On the swimming pool area, there will be arranged trees, BBQ area, coffee shop, relaxing area, etc. If you suddenly feel too tired to work, press the elevator and go to the pool area and let the cool and fresh air of this place blew all your tiredness and frustration. Swimming is a perfect sport to strengthen your health and relax your body, take some time to enjoy it.

Some facilities of the buildings.
Some facilities of the buildings.

5. Floor plan

Orchard Parkview - typical floor plan.
Orchard Parkview – typical floor plan.

If you compare Orchard Parkview with other projects in the same area, the buildings have the lowest density of apartments and the least No. of unit per floor. OP1 with 2 core elevators for 12 apartments offer comfort for the residents of the apartment when moving up and down. High-speed lifts (2.5m/s) will never make you feel uncomfortable because of waiting for elevators.


The price is from 2.4B vnd (120.000 USD) for a 2br apartment. Please contact: 0937.89.19.09 for detailed pricelist.

7. Orchard Parkview construction progress update

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me via hotline: 0937891909.

Uong Quoc Ai

Novaland Sales Executive.

Special thanks.